Important Information


This is a reminder that we have a number of standardized forms in RYCOR  for families to complete.

Please complete the following forms online:

- Student Demographic Form

- Social Media Consent Form

- Acceptable Use of Technology Form

- Volunteer Form

A Google Link will be sent home via homeroom teachers on Tuesday with these forms:

- Emergency Closure

- Permission for Outside Activities

If your child attended Newtown Elementary last year you would have created a RYCOR account. If you are new to Newtown Elementary, please click here to create your account account. You will need to have your child's student number this was emailed to you on Friday afternoon.

All  forms were due to be completed  by Friday, September 8.


In order to volunteer in the school, you must complete all forms, including a Criminal Record Screening Certificate and Vulnerable Sector Check. 

You can complete this form online:

Newtown Letter for RNC

Breakfast program volunteers are needed ASAP as we’d like to get our breakfast program starting as soon as possible.  Our breakfast program runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Volunteers would be required from 8:10am - 8:45am. We are also looking for someone to organize schedules and shopping.  If you are interested in volunteering, email

We will be having a meeting on Wednesday, September 28 at 6:00 p.m. with all individuals interested in volunteering to coach school sports. It is important that you attend this meeting, even if you have coached in the past, to ensure everyone is aware of procedures and expectations. 

Arrival and Dismissal

All grade 4 - 6 students will start classes on Wednesday morning, September 6.  Classes will start at 8:45 am.

Drop off will occur between 8:20 - 8:45 am. 


Any student dropped off after 8:45 am, will need to come in through the main door and sign in at the office.

All drop offs must use the Kiss 'N Ride Lane (see diagram below). Please ensure your child is prepared to exit the vehicle; children cannot be retrieving book bags or other items from the trunk as it will slow down the flow of traffic.

Drivers will not be allowed to get out of their vehicle as this will slow the process.  

We are looking for volunteers to assist with our Kiss 'N Ride Lane. All that is required is the ability to stand in the kiss and ride area and ensure children exit their vehicles safely.  Please contact if you are interested in volunteering. 

Grade 4 and 6 students enter school at the front entrance.

Grade 5 students  enter school  at the  side/playground entrance.

Students go directly to their classrooms (staff members will be assisting at the doors and in the hallways on the first few days).  


Our dismissal time is  2:50 pm. Pick up students will be released first, followed by walkers, next bus students, and after school programs.  

Please do not  block sidewalks as we need these clear for students walking to buses/daycare pick up areas. Also, once you have collected your child, we ask that you immediately return to your vehicle and leave our parking lot to make space for other families needing to park. 

Allergies and Immunosuppressed Student 

Current known allergies in the building include fish, peanuts, shellfish, eggs, tree nuts, hummus and sesame seeds. We will update this list as needed.

We have an immunosuppressed student in our school. We need to be advised of any cases of chickenpox, mumps, measles or rubella.

Lunchtime and Afternoon Dismissal

Instructional time is very important and we are attempting to minimize the number of interruptions to the classrooms. If your child knows that they are going home for lunch and you are picking them up outside the school, there is no need to use the outside intercom to buzz into the office. Your child will meet you outside after the lunch bell rings.

If your child has to leave early at the end of the day, please ensure your child and their teacher are aware of this prior to the beginning of the school day. This will eliminate the need for families to use the outside intercom to buzz into the office to request for their child to leave prior to the final dismissal bell.

We thank you in advance for helping us with this matter.

School Lunch

The School Lunch Association program will begin on September 27, please register on the school lunch website:  

Registration and ordering for School Lunch will open on September 11  and ordering will close on September 19.

Medical Forms - Puffers/ Epipens/ Other Medications

If applicable, please complete the necessary medication forms for puffers / Epipens / other medications. Please contact Ms. Crowe at  the main office to arrange for medications, puffers or epi-pens to be dropped off at the school. 

These forms are available at the following links: Medical Forms.

No medications can be administered at the office until these forms have been completed.


Families have access to the NLESD Bus Portal.


The NLESD Parent Bus Portal tells you if your child is in the bus or family responsibility zone and this information can be found at  NLESD Parent Bus Portal.  

Please ensure your child knows their bus seat prior to riding the bus.

If you are interested in applying for courtesy seating, you will find the application on RYCOR on September 6th.  Applications are processed following the NLESD Courtesy Busing Policy .  For this school year, our school will still follow the 1.6 km busing zone.  

Please ensure your address is correct and that any change of address is emailed to Ms. Crowe,, with proof of address in the form of a utility bill.  

Home Schooling

Home Schooling

Families must submit an application to NLESD. An application must be submitted each year. The application can be found here Home Schooling Application.

Families will be fully responsible for administering the authorized homeschooling curriculum.