Healthy Living

Newtown Elementary School offers a comprehensive physical education program for all students in grades four to six. It is an outcomes - based program that follows provincial objectives and district initiatives. Physical education at Newtown promotes a healthy living and active lifestyle philosophy aimed at encouraging a lifelong pursuit of sound health and fitness. Utilizing the medium of sports and movement education, we also hope to contribute to the development of social skills and cross-curricular initiatives that enhance other program outcomes.

We offer a minimum of three regular physical education classes during each seven-day cycle. A full-time physical education teacher also provides a co-curricular program that includes intramurals, after school sports, school teams and many special events. Our students are very enthusiastic about our physical education program and are actively engaged in many of our programs virtually every day.

Our after school sports program focuses on providing additional sporting opportunities for our students. We have a regular schedule of volleyball, baseball and basketball that eventually develops into a number of school teams of boys and girls representing Newtown in various school-based tournaments. Annually, we have basketball teams, volleyball teams, cross country running and track and field teams and baseball teams. Each year there are a number of dedicated parents and teachers who volunteer their time to help us coach and maintain our various teams and activities.

Newtown participates in, and hosts, several major special events and competitions. Generally, we host one or two provincial basketball tournaments, several invitational tournaments in basketball, along with several sporting activities for the Mount Pearl Frosty Festival.

We are very proud of our physical education program and the many co-curricular initiatives that provide additional activity-based opportunities for our students. We feel it enhances the overall, well-rounded development of our students and contributes to the safe and caring atmosphere of the school. The positive feedback that we receive from our students, parents, caregivers, and community encourages our continued emphasis in the area of physical education and our co-curricular programs