Welcome to Newtown Elementary

We are a 4- 6 elementary school with 7 homerooms at each grade level..  We have just over 500 students.

First Day of School

Homeroom teachers will send home an email on the day before school starts welcoming your child.

We are asking parents not to come into the building on the first day.  We will have a number of grade 6 volunteers and our staff helping students find their classroom.

Daily Bell Schedule

8:20 Doors open for students

8:45 Classes begin

10:15 Recess

10:30 Classes resume

12:00 Lunch (grade 4’s eat lunch, grade 5 and 6’s play)

12:25 Lunch (grade 5 and 6’s eat lunch, grade 4’s play) 

12:45 Classes resume

 2:50 Dismissal

Parking Lot

In the morning we have a Kiss and Go Lane.  When you enter the parking lot, stay to the left closest to the pylons.  Once your car stops students can safely exit the car anywhere along the pylons.  Students do not need to wait until an adult opens the door, they can hop out and walk between the curb and pylons.   This works very efficiently to keep the traffic moving.

The lane closest to the school is reserved for buses in the mornings and after school. Please do not drive or park in this area.

If your child is not getting out in the Kiss and Go Lane, please find a spot to park in the lot. 


Teachers take attendance first thing in the morning and right after lunch.  You will receive a School Messenger if your child is not in school.

If your child will be absent, please enter in School Messenger prior to the absence.  


All payments, permission slips and forms are placed on Rycor.  Please ensure you have an account with Rycor

Forms will be sent out in early September to complete.  


Please ensure you  read our memos.  All important information is noted.  Memos are sent home Monday and Wednesday.  A calendar is sent home each month by homeroom teachers.  Please contact the office in September if you are not receiving the memos.  


Students are not permitted to use cellphones in school.  Cellphones must remain in book bags.  If your child has to call home they can use the phone in the office.  It is important for students to know their parents/ guardians phone numbers.

School Lunch

Information will be sent out in September for the School Lunch Association.  Students will need to bring lunch until school lunch starts.  Please ensure you review the options with your child to ensure they like what is on lunch. 

Volunteering at Newtown 

We require lots of volunteers for our breakfast program, field trips, book fairs and extra curricular activities.  All volunteers require an RNC vulnerable sector check.  We have a letter posted in RYCOR that can be used to cover the cost.  

Lost and Found

Please ensure that your child's name is on all clothing.  We have a tremendous amount of lost and found clothing that never gets back to the owner.  


Please check NLESD Bus Portal to find if your child qualifies for busing, route and stop.  Busing begins on the first day of school.  Routes are different then SPP. 

Applications for courtesy seating will be available in September on Rycor.  Students are not permitted to ride a school bus without permission.  

If your child qualifies for busing, but you do not intend to use it, please contact the school.


Please ensure that your child knows how they are going home each day.  If there is a change in their schedule please contact the office.  We can pass on the information.  

Dismissal is at 2:50.  Students who walk can leave school grounds at dismissal.  If you are picking up your child they will go directly to your meeting spot.

Registering at Newtown

If you are new to Newtown, please email newtownelem@nlschools.ca and request information.  We will require proof of address such as a bill for a service at the address.